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Ways of Replacing your Garbage Disposal

It can be daunting when you are thinking of replacing you garbage disposer. Trepidation is what people have especially when it comes to water and electricity. The sink may leak since the sink connections are unfamiliar. You may learn that it is very easy to replace your garbage disposal that is why it is important for you to know how to replace your garbage disposal. You should check you old unit when you want to replace your garbage disposal unit before buying the unit. Jammed disposals are very common hence you should check your connection if the disposal unit is working well. The following factors should be considered when you want to replace your jammed disposal unit.

It is important that you turn off your electricity. You should turn off your electricity for you to be sure that the disposal unit is not connected with an electric current. It is very beneficial that you turn off your electricity when you want to work on your disposal unit. You should remove the cover from the disposal unit. You will find the cover at the base of the disposal unit. The wires connecting the disposal unit should be removed by you loosening the screw.

There should loosening if the cover that cover the disposal unit. By loosening the hose clamp, the hose should be removed from the fitting. You should the remove the old unit once you have loosen the bolts. You should support the disposal unit from below for you to remove the disposal unit. The disposer should be rotated counterclockwise as the next step. This will be until the unit does fall away. You should remove the remainder of the drain by loosening all the three bolts.

There should be application of the putty. Putty is applied in times that you want to install the new drain. You should roll the putty on the counter that should be 1/2 thick. You should stick the putty at the underside of the drain and firmly press towards the sink hole. When it comes to backing up the cardboard washer, you should back it up with the ring this is very important when you are finishing up the drain. There should be mounting of the snapping ring. By retaining the snap into the drain, the drain should be drained. There should be draining of the drain by retaining the snap into the drain.

The bolts should be tightened. The bolts can be tightened by use of a screwdriver. The drain should be snug with the sink. This is important when you are looking to install a new drain. You should wire the new disposer to make it flexible to conduct electricity. You will be assisted by this when you are upgrading the disposal. You should then finish up by bring the wires into the conductor. This will help to secure the conductor.

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