I Managed to Make a Really Good Deal

I was lucky really, because I was able to work out a pretty good deal for myself. I have known this guy since before I went to high school, although he went to a different school than I did. He and I used to play basketball and football in the park, later on we played against one another as well. At any rate now he does HVAC near me and I needed to get the unit in my house replaced. I was surprised that he even knew about the old pick up truck my uncle had left me. He had plans to fix that thing up for as long as any of us could remember. I think the thing is a 1968 Ford. At any rate he knew I had it and when I came to him with my need he was looking to make a deal. First he wanted to look at it and the body is pretty much perfect. It has been under my carport for maybe nine years and before that it was in a big metal building for decades.

He probably gave me more than it was worth, but he wanted the thing because it reminded him of his grandfather’s truck. I ended up getting the entire thing as an even swap, although apparently he had all of the stuff that I needed sitting around. It is not new, but it works well enough and he gave me a warranty. I hate to think what it would have cost me if I had called up some company, but it would have been a big hardship for me and that is pretty obvious. I am not in desperate straits like a lot of people are in this pandemic, but I definitely can not stand to pay thousands of dollars for this.