My Friend is in a Bit of Trouble

Of course there is no reason why I would want to find a check stub maker. I am working off of the clock so to speak, the guy who pays me is not paying any taxes on me and so it does not count so far as social security and so forth goes. If he got caught I suppose he would be in a good deal of trouble, but I am not really sure about my own interests. It would be really hard for them to prove very much, it is not like I am some sort of drug lord who has piles of cash hidden under the bed. I do have a checking account, but for the most part I do not put very much money in it. I realize that the government would potentially find that interesting and they might want to figure out how I came across the money. Obviously they want to be paid no matter where it came from, but they are going to assume you are a criminal if you have more than you can account for.

One of the guys I work from has this problem, or to be honest he has a lot of problems. The main one is that he just is not very smart and he does a lot of dumb stuff, especially after he has been drinking. This has caused his path to cross that of the local sheriff’s department a few times and right now he is on parole. So when he goes in there they want him to show them a pay check stub to prove that he is working, which of course he is. However he is like me not working so that he pays his taxes. That seems like a real quandary to me right now.