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2017 Smart Home Ideas: Repurposed Furniture and Decor

Don’t ever give up on your old chairs with torn seats or your tables with missing legs, because you can still innovate and use of them, and we will help you stir those ideas to give life to your worn out furniture and decor in unexpected ways. Save money and save your old stuff by checking out these smart and fresh ideas on how you can create a repurposed furniture or home decor.

You might not realize, but you can still find a new purpose for your table without one leg, by using it as a console in your hallway or entryway. For a basket table, you may just add wheels to your sturdy basket, and you’ll come up with a mobile end table to contain your clutter around. If you have an old wooden stepladder, it can provide a steady spot for your books, reading lamp and your alarm clock. Repurpose your old bench as a bookshelf for your den or family room instead of stacking it on your garage. By just applying a fresh coat of paint, you can repurpose your old pot-lid rack for holding your mail, postcards, bills, catalogs and magazines. Repurpose your old bedroom furniture into a multitasking mini office with bulletin board and organized filing cabinet.

If your old wooden door becomes rustic, you can repurpose it to an outdoor coffee table or work surface, or to balance your overturned flower pots. Imagine your old solid door, refurnished and hung sideways, because you can repurpose it and create a perfect and inexpensive headboard for your bed. You can also create custom vintage cabinetry for your garden shed through vintage wine crates from online auctions or flea markets. It is a good idea to repurpose your flea market cupboards and come up with single piece stacked-cabinet armoire. Come up with a low-slung end table by transforming your squat geometric cubes that were originally designed as stools, by just replacing it with a round piece of board. You will surely love having a wooden shutter wall organizer to tuck your letters, invitations, hand your messages or display your artwork. Old coat hooks can be turned into repurposed mail holder by mounting it on a wooden plaque. Preserve your antique plate or platter by doing a repurposed picture frame out of its decorative edges or a decorative frame for your mirror.
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See, you can create new and functional things out of your old stuff by just having a creative imagination and extra effort. You will surely love the transformation in your home, saving you money and you’ll also feel good about yourself for stirring your artistic side on your repurposed furniture and home decor.6 Facts About Furniture Everyone Thinks Are True