When Shipping Vessel Owners Should Hire An Experienced Lawyer

The international shipping industry is one of the fastest growing in the world today. While a ship owner can expect their business to run without issue most of the time, there are occasions when emergencies happen. No matter how big or small, maritime lawyers in Singapore have the knowledge to help any size vessel brave the waters of the stickiest legal issues. While not all incidents will require the knowledge of a professional maritime attorney, the following are a few instances that shouldn’t be tackled without their expert guidance.

Accidents at Sea

Though most shipments will be transported easily and without accidents, there are times when disaster can strike and leave a ship and all of its cargo underwater. An attorney can help by filling the necessary paperwork for insurance claims and deal with any environmental issues that may result from the lost cargo. They are also able to speak on behalf of the owner and represent them if other vessels were damaged in the accident.

Damaged Freight Claims

One of the largest expenses a transportation company has to contend with is damaged cargo. It is impossible to determine where the package was initially damaged, but the shipping company accepts responsibility for it after it is loaded onto their ship. An attorney can help deal with customers and provide knowledge to help navigate claims that are outside of the transportation company’s responsibilities.

Buying and Selling of Assets

The purchases and sales of cargo ships are accompanied by lots of paperwork, and this can be even more convoluted if there is financing involved. An attorney will know what documents must be filed to complete a transaction and can assist a client with every step of the asset transfer process. They can also help a ship owner obtain a loan against existing equipment if they are looking to expand operations.

No matter how large or small a fleet may be, a ship owner owes it to themselves to have an expert attorney on their side when issues arise. The legal team at I.R.B. Law LLP can help anyone in the maritime transportation industry keep their fleet legal and assist with future emergencies. Contact them today to learn more, and take the first step in getting peace of mind.